Chapter 1660

“Wasn’t this girl on the news two days ago? Is she the one who’s going to marry Josh Batton soon?” “Does that mean these two who got beaten up are related to this girl?” “You have no idea, but this girl is that man’s daughter, and she’s that lady’s cousin.” “It’s over for this jerk today, isn’t it? Messing with this girl’s family means messing with the entire Batton family. The Batton family isn’t easy to deal with.” The surrounding people were still whispering among themselves. Many of them began to speak their mind without fear of repercussions. Meanwhile, the middle-aged man’s face turned even paler when he heard what everyone was saying. It really was over for him! “Annabeth, look. I’m your cousin-in-law. Hurry up and ask them to let me go…” The middle-aged man said. Being pinned to the ground, he struggled to set himself free as he humbly pleaded with Annabeth Cates. He no longer seemed as arrogant and bossy as he did when speaking to Annabeth’s father and cousin earlier

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