Chapter 1655

Stanley Batton’s tone and gaze became even gentler. “I overheard your conversation with Georgie…” Xyla Quest carefully tried to recall when she heard this. Indeed, she talked about the new Hermes purses with Georgie Clementine two days ago. Back then, Xyla said that she would drag Georgie with her to buy those purses. If the incident with Josh Batton hadn’t occurred, the two of them would’ve done just that long ago… Xyla didn’t expect Stanley to overhear that conversation on the phone. When she thought of this, she felt warmth in her heart. Regardless of how much time had passed, her husband would always be gentle and considerate. With a husband like that, what else could she ask for? “Thank you, honey…” Xyla said. “You’re welcome. I’ve already arrived,” Stanley said. “Okay… Take good care of yourself in a foreign country. Don’t drink too much. Make sure you’re eating enough, okay?” Xyla asked. “Yes, darling.” Despite the people walking past him in the airport, Stanley wasn

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