Chapter 1641

Usually, the mother-in-law was the one who would have expectations toward her daughter-in-law. For example, the daughter-in-law would be expected to treat the husband in a certain way. This was the first time Annabeth Cates saw a mother making so many requests for her son before her future daughter-in-law. Annabeth truly felt that her future mother-in-law was unique. “I know. Thank you… Ms. Lindt,” Annabeth said. “Oh, right. I haven’t properly introduced myself… My name is Sharon Lindt. As you know, I’m Josh’s mother…” Sharon quickly extended her hand to Annabeth. Annabeth shook her hand. “I’m Annabeth Cates…” “Oh, right. Annabeth, what are your plans on managing your joint finances after the two of you get married?” Sharon asked. Annabeth was a little stunned. She hadn’t thought about this at all. “I haven’t thought about this…” “It doesn’t matter… You’ll have to be in charge,” Sharon said before turning to look at Josh. “Did you hear me?” she asked. Josh nodded obediently. “

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