Chapter 1632

When Josh Batton saw Annabeth Cates frowning at her phone, he knew what she was looking at without even having to guess. Josh slowly entered the car before turning on the car engine. “Don’t worry. Things will be fine after we get past this hurdle…” “Your fans are unfollowing you…” Annabeth said. “Yeah, just as expected,” Josh said. Annabeth frowned deeply without saying anything. Instead, she silently opened Josh’s Weibo page. She realized that he had already lost five million fans on Weibo. In the short period that she scrolled through the hot topics, the number had already reached five million. Josh’s fans were different from other idols’ fans… Other idols would purchase fake fans to make themselves appear popular. However, Josh’s fans were all genuine fans. The company had never bought a single fan for Josh. What did losing five million fans mean? This was an inestimable loss. “You’ve already lost five million followers…” Annabeth added. Josh was still calm. “Yeah, as

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