Chapter 1625

“Hey… It’s already very late. Why are you still calling me? Did you only get home after you were out drinking again?” Annabeth Cates asked. “Annabeth, I’m telling you. I bumped into my true love at the club tonight… He’s a gift from heaven… So handsome…” Paula Whittaker sounded extremely excited… Despite being some distance away, Josh Batton could still overhear the conversation clearly. “We’re in love… Are you envious? Say, you’ve been here in Atlantis for so long… Why haven’t you met anyone? Aren’t you embarrassed?” Paula asked. Annabeth’s heart clenched tightly when she heard this. She seemed dumbfounded. Annabeth didn’t expect Paula to bring this up suddenly… She also didn’t think her lie would be exposed so soon. Josh now paid attention to the phone conversation. He immediately frowned a little as he looked thoughtfully at Annabeth’s face. There was a curious look in his eyes… Annabeth clearly said she had a boyfriend. Why did her friend say that she didn’t have a boyf

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