Chapter 1607

Annabeth Cates was indeed like a pile of mud in front of Josh Batton. How could a pile of mud ever deserve the grace of a god from above? When Josh Batton noticed Annabeth’s comments, he immediately extended his arm and patted her shoulder. “Don’t care too much about what other people say. Just be yourself… You can think of these as comments made of jealousy…” Josh said. However, Annabeth chuckled and looked nonchalantly at Josh. “It’s nothing. I don’t mind… Besides, they aren’t wrong. You and I couldn’t be more different… You’re better than me in every way.” Josh immediately frowned when he heard this. “Annabeth, I forbid you to talk about yourself like that…” “To me… You’re a good girl. You are kind and gentle, and you have a good personality…” Josh added truthfully. Annabeth laughed. “Thank you for your words of consolation, Josh… Oh, right. Your fans are all jealous now. It’s made it onto several hot topics… Shouldn’t you explain things to calm them down?” Josh let out a lon

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