Chapter 15

At that moment, Xyla Quest no longer looked like the gentle fairy she seemed to be. There was a sudden coldness about how she looked. “Who do you think you are?!” Xyla asked as she pointed the half-broken bottle at the man. “You guys are dead! Boys, let’s go!” The group of gangsters took out their knives and began walking forward. After Xyla calmly turned around to exchange glances with Georgie Clementine, she began to fight back with the martial arts skills she had learned over the years when she was abroad. Closely after that, Georgie picked up a bottle of beer and joined her in the fight. They managed to take down two of the gangsters within half a minute with their swift and clean movements. Apart from Stanley Batton, everyone else at his table was shocked… Henry rubbed his eyes before stammering, “Why are our sister-in-law and her friend so brave?” Sebastian Brenand gulped. “They are ferocious, but I like it!” Without saying a word, Stanley glanced coldly at a group of bodyguards dressed in black and waved his hand at them. In the next instant, a dozen men dressed in black joined in the fight. The scene immediately drew the attention of the people around them. When the bar manager noticed what was going on, he quickly brought a group of security guards to break the fight. However, when the manager was walking past Henry, Henry pulled him aside and looked over at the angered Stanley. “Can’t you see who is behind this…” The manager shivered as soon as he saw the look on Stanley’s face. After that, he waved his hand at the security guards before hurriedly walking away. Since the men dressed in black joined in on the fight, the gangsters were defeated within a few seconds as they lay on the ground in pain. Xyla was panting when she looked at the men dressed in black. “Thank you.” The men bowed to her in unison without saying a word. Right then, Henry walked casually over before stepping on one of the gangsters and looking at the group of men dressed in black. “Somebody said that you could make a hole in the frozen river and toss these men inside.” “Who?” Xyla asked. “Guess…” Henry smiled before turning to look in Stanley’s direction. Xyla followed Henry’s gaze, only to find Stanley playing with a gold lighter. The lighter spun around in his fingers while it was still ignited. Every time the lighter spun, it appeared as if the flame would touch his skin. It was an incredible sight. Meanwhile, Stanley was also looking at Xyla. However, she could not see his face clearly due to the flickering light from the flame. Did all these men dressed in black work for him? If they did, it meant he was in a very powerful position. Was he the boss of a gang? Or was he an important member of a gang? “Why aren’t you moving guys moving?” Henry ordered coldly. “Wait a second…” Xyla recollected herself and stopped them. She then took her phone out and began to record the faces of the gangsters on the floor. “Who asked you to come here? Was it Emily Quest?” “Yes… It was her…” One of the gangsters said with a trembling voice. Xyla snorted coldly before making a call to the police directly. After explaining the entire situation to the cops, she turned to look at the men dressed in black around her. “Please keep an eye on them in the meantime.” After that, Xyla politely nodded at Henry before she walked toward Stanley. When she passed by Sebastian, Sebastian extended his leg in front of her. Not noticing it, Xyla tripped and fell forward. Her heart stopped beating for a second. In the next moment, her face had already landed upon Stanley’s lap. Right then, Xyla felt deeply embarrassed. Her face had turned fully red. Gary Lakes could not help but turn away and chuckle. “Pfft…” Sebastian did the same thing. “Do you have a death wish?” Stanley asked Sebastian coldly. Sebastian immediately took a deep breath before he stopped smiling and raised both hands in a motion to surrender. Closely after that, Xyla felt a sharp pain in her right ankle. Due to the awkward position she was in, she could only force herself to stand up. After that, she turned around and glared at Sebastian, who had tripped her over. Sebastian did not dare say a word. Meanwhile, Henry had made his way over. As he tried to suppress his laughter, he sat next to Stanley on the other side and crossed one leg over the other before lighting a cigarette. While enduring the pain, Xyla’s face was still red when she turned to look at Stanley. “I came over to thank you personally.” “You’re welcome. Were you hurt?” The man asked calmly. “No. I owe you a favor for what you have done this time. Please continue enjoying yourselves then…” Xyla said before turning around. However, as soon as she took a step forward, she felt an intense pain in her ankle. “Hiss…” Soon, her legs gave in, and she ended up sitting on Stanley’s lap. “What’s the matter? Are you going to thank me with your body?” The man asked playfully. Embarrassed, Xyla’s face turned red yet again. It was extremely awkward! Why did she have to sit on the man’s lap of all places? “I’m sorry… My ankle hurts. It was an accident…” “Did you sprain it?” The man raised his brows as he interrupted her. He seemed calm, as usual. Despite the close distance, Xyla still could not find any fault with his face. He had fair and smooth skin like a newborn baby. While the temperature began to rise around her ears, the numbing sensation reminded of the passionate evening they shared. Her heart raced. Right then, Xyla did everything she could to stand up. However, her ankle hurt so much that she fell back onto the man’s lap as soon as she tried to stand up. “Hey, pretty lady… Did you sprain your leg? Was it my fault? I’m sorry…” Sebastian seemed both shocked and guilty. “Sebastian Brenand, you are dead,” Stanley said coldly. After finishing his sentence, Stanley picked Xyla up in his arms and began walking out swiftly…

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