Chapter 1597

Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton walked into the Quest family’s dining room after washing their hands. By then, Betty Starmount and Jeremy Quest had already sat on their respective seats. When Betty saw Xyla entering, she pushed a bowl of bird’s nest with rock sugar close to Xyla’s seat. “Xyla… Have some more bird’s nests. It’s good for the babies…” Immediately after that, Betty stood up and placed a bowl of bird’s nest in front of Jeremy. “Darling, here’s yours as well… You ought to eat more of it too. That’ll boost your immune system and keep illnesses away…” Although Jeremy wasn’t keen on eating it, he could see how genuine Betty seemed. Hence, he picked up a spoon and started eating. Betty smiled satisfactorily when she saw this. After that, she placed a bowl of bird’s nest in front of Stanley too. “Stan, you should eat some too…” Stanley shook his head. “No… I don’t like bird’s nests. You guys can have it…” Betty chuckled. “I don’t like eating it either… It’s fine if you don’t

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