Chapter 1593

Xyla Quest was intoxicated by heart-warming moments like this… “I feel great today, and my appetite was good too. I didn’t feel nauseous either. So I think I probably won’t experience retching in the future again,” Xyla said. “That’s great.” Stanley Batton immediately felt relieved when he heard this. “I promised Dad that we’d return home for breakfast tomorrow. So let’s get to bed early,” Xyla said. “Alright,” Stanley said. After closing her eyes, Xyla very quickly fell asleep… However, as soon as she fell asleep, she started dreaming again. Xyla dreamed that she was in a densely overgrown forest. A white nine-tailed fox collapsed in a pool of blood… A large area of white mist surrounded the nine-tailed fox… After this dream ended, Xyla was transported to another dream… In this dream, she wore a traditional white robe, and she had the hairstyle of someone from the ancient past. Xyla found herself playing a string instrument in an antique-looking room… Soon after, a man in

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