Chapter 158

Henry started singing helplessly, “Fault, fault, fault, it’s all my fault~~~” Sebastian started the car, disdain clear on his face as he drove while complaining, “I say, Old Fifth, I wonder what’s worrying you that you had to buy such a cheap car. The feel of these wheels can’t even compare to those million-dollar cars of yours, okay?” Stanley continued to ignore him. Vrrt, vrrt, vrrt… Just then, Henry’s phone vibrated. Someone named ‘Cute Bunny’ had sent him a voice message on WeChat. Henry simply played it. “Wuu… Hubby, hubby, hug me… Hubby, why aren’t you in-game? Carry me!” Forgetting that his phone was on loudspeaker, Henry was dumbstruck the moment the message played. A typical sweet and babyish voice was lethal when being coquettish. He immediately let out an awkward cough. Everyone else looked nonchalant, like this was something normal. “Henry, are you dating online again?” asked Gary. “One of my friends has invested in a large-scale Three Kingdoms online game ca

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