Chapter 1589

Countless messages from Alex’s mother flooded his phone screen. “Hey, when are you coming home? Your father and I miss you…” “I heard that you had an interview at the television company today, didn’t you? That’s amazing…” “D*mn… Why did I read on Weibo that you like someone? Who is it? What does she do?” “Is she a commentator? A host? Or a news anchor? Does she do something else? Speak, will you…” “Is this still a one-sided crush? Say something…” “Where are you? Are you asleep? You can’t be asleep at this hour. Are you intentionally ignoring my messages?” With so many messages, Alex suddenly didn’t know which one to reply to first. After letting out a long sigh, Alex tapped on the voice recording button. “The holidays will be the same as in previous years. I’ll go home when the holidays start… Yeah, I did get interviewed… There’s also someone I like, but she doesn’t like me…” “As for other stuff, don’t ask. Alright, I’m going to sleep…” Alex said. After that, Alex locked his

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