Chapter 1555

Rachel Wood’s parents were robbed. They were already very sad about this. Now, they encountered conflict with the law enforcers. So, naturally, they felt even more miserable. Rachel needed to rush home to check on them… She wanted to patch things up for her parents. After consoling her mother for a while, Rachel went to the underground grocery store to buy some supplements and food that her parents liked. After that, Rachel drove the red Lamborghini Sebastian Brenand had bought for her back to the villa where they lived together. When Rachel walked into the house, Sebastian was talking to his business partner on the phone. Sebastian wore a wrinkle-free, light-blue shirt with black tuxedo pants. At one glance, he looked like a business elite. When Sebastian was serious, he looked like a completely different person. Seeing that Rachel wasn’t in a good mood, Sebastian immediately hung up the phone. He then quickly stepped forward. “What’s the matter?” he asked. Rachel immediately

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