Chapter 1551

While looking at Betty Starmount, Xyla Quest thought to herself that it was no wonder her father would fall in love with this woman at first sight. When Betty saw Xyla walking through the doors, she immediately smiled and walked up to Xyla. “Boss… Xyla…” “Hmm, do you have time?” Xyla asked. “Yeah, I do.” “Come with me…” Xyla said. With that, Xyla led Betty onto the large balcony. The kitchen window was left open. Cold breezes blew in, dissipating the oily scent inside. It made one feel very comfortable. Xyla held onto the safety railing with one hand as she looked at Betty. “Betty… I can accept you being with my father. I know why you’re with him… “If you want resources, I can give them to you. If you want money, I can also give it to you… But the precondition is that you must play your role as my father’s significant other. Be by his side, and don’t do anything to hurt him… “Otherwise, you won’t even know how you died…” Xyla said the cruelest things with the gentlest tone pos

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