Chapter 1535

That trophy was something that all professional gamers in the world dreamed of winning… It didn’t matter how many trophies one’s team had won in big or small competitions. As long as one didn’t have this championship trophy, everything meant nothing. Meanwhile, Team XS’s Support couldn’t stop crying. When Alex saw this, he gently walked over to the Support and pulled him onto his feet before hugging him carefully. At this moment, Alex smiled gently like a big brother in the neighborhood. Unlike the others who appeared excited, Alex didn’t seem overly emotional right now. It was as if none of the results mattered to him. When Alex turned around, he saw how excited Xyla seemed. His smile widened even further. Alex couldn’t help but think to himself in his heart as he looked at Xyla. ‘Boss, I’ve done my best this year. I’m really glad that I was able to win this trophy for you and make you smile so joyfully…’ Meanwhile, the footage of Alex gently consoling his team’s Support was

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