Chapter 1532

This competition’s winner was determined by the best out of five, which meant winning three matches out of five. In other words, as long as Xyla Quest’s team won two more rounds, they’d be able to win the grand finale for this year’s world championship. Now that the competition had only just started, and they already effortlessly won one round, everyone was in an extremely good mood… Off the stage, Stanley Batton and Josh Batton both smiled with a look of approval in their eyes. After a short break, Xyla discussed the next round’s banning phase with her teammates… After that, she led everyone back to their original spots. Once they had sat down, the banning phase began… Team XS very quickly chose their formation. They went with Vladimir for Top Solo, Graves for Jungler, Ryze for Mid Solo, and Aphelios with Tahm Kench as Support for the bottom lane. Meanwhile, their opponents also very quickly locked in their formation. Their opponents chose Ornn for Top Solo, Nidalee for Jung

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