Chapter 152

“Even if he were to be released from prison, I would never entrust him with any responsibilities again. What else is he capable of apart from causing a mess?!” Tony Sullivan shouted while he slammed his chopsticks on the dining table. His body was shivering with anger. Meanwhile, nobody else in the family had the courage to speak. They all had a gloomy expression on their faces. “Dad, please don’t be upset. I believe Brother Sullivan will change his ways after this incident,” Emily Quest said with trembling hands. At first, Emily thought she could keep this a secret from the rest of the family. However, it ended up being broadcasted in the media. Xyla Quest must have done this too. It must have been her! Right then, Emily was truly afraid. It really did seem like Tom Sullivan would lose his position as the family heir. If that were to happen, what would Emily do? It was a series of misfortunate events! Now, Emily’s parents were on the brink of getting divorced. If that happened, couple

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