Chapter 1529

People would occasionally look at Josh Batton before turning to look at Stanley Batton. To the ladies, today was a wonderful day. Many of them felt that they had gotten lucky today. On stage, Xyla Quest and her Support were surrounded by four of their opponents… Her Support was instantly killed due to a mistake in maneuvering… Xyla was the only one left with very little health in the entire bottom lane… Right then, everyone in the stadium sucked in a breath of cold air. Then, they all expressed how the bottom lane was done for… If Xyla couldn’t handle this wave, the bottom lane would lose at least two of its towers… “This losing wave was completely caused by the Support’s mistake in maneuvering. As a result, the Support took his own ADC down with him…” LPL Region’s commentator said. “Xyla definitely can’t escape this wave. There’s no space for her to move at all…” Commentator B said. “That’s right. She has no space to move at all,” Commentator A said. Meanwhile, commentators

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