Chapter 1525

To them, every minute was precious right now. Watching this voracious group of youths, Xyla Quest once again felt how deeply they desired to win the champion’s trophy… The champion’s trophy for the season’s championship was something every professional gamer wanted to achieve. It was something that many professional gamers spent their entire lives working for but never once personally touched. It was basically unobtainable. After the meal, everyone resumed training. Xyla felt exhausted, and she really couldn’t keep going any further. Hence, she sat on a soft couch in the living room on the first floor. Xyla drank warm milk as she looked at ESPN. Right then, the ESPN forum was completely flooded by comments about how Team XS had an emergency replacement for its ADC— “The officials just announced that something happened to Team XS’s main ADC again. So Xyla will be taking over as the emergency replacement.” “Team XS’s ADC faces a new problem every day. Is it intentional?” “Let’s s

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