Chapter 1519

This team never performed well in the world championship in the past… However, it performed surprisingly well this year due to changes in its team members. Up until now, this team had not lost a single match. Team XS still hadn’t competed against this team yet. Purely based on how both teams performed in matches, Xyla Quest felt that Team GRT and Team XS were equally good. It was still uncertain as to which team would have the last laugh. Although Xyla wasn’t by the team members’ side this time, she could easily guess how much pressure they faced. Xyla opened Team XS’s WeChat group chat and sent them a message. “Congratulations, you guys! Just do your best and don’t give yourself too much pressure… It’ll be great if you win the champion title. It’s fine you don’t either…” “Being the first-runner up is amazing too… Just do your best during the finals…” Xyla added. Although Xyla also wanted Team XS to win this year’s Season 10 world championship, she didn’t want to put too much

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