Chapter 1508

Sebastian Brenand was traumatized by Rachel Wood’s genuine anger. If Rachel became really angry, she would refuse to listen to anything Sebastian said. In fact, she would even pretend he was invisible. Not even any branded purses or clothes could appease her. Back then, Sebastian had suffered through this. Hence, he couldn’t possibly repeat the same mistake. Sebastian had lived over two decades. He was not afraid of anything other than Rachel’s true anger… When Sebastian thought of this, he instantly waved his hand helplessly. “Alright, alright. As you wish, my lady…” Everyone apart from Henry Armstrong and Georgie Clementine was once again shocked by this… They all knew very well how Sebastian behaved in the past. Ever since he was young, he’d get anything he wanted. Hence, Sebastian never had to change his mind about what he said. Nearly nobody could stop Sebastian from doing what he wanted. Moreover, he wouldn’t compromise just because of any woman getting angry. Howev

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