Chapter 1501

Xyla Quest shook her head. “It was just for a while earlier. I’m fine now.” Stanley Batton only stopped worrying after hearing that. “Why didn’t you guys tell us earlier? If you did, Henry and I would’ve brought some supplements for pregnant women on our way here…” Sebastian Brenand complained. After that, Sebastian turned to look at Xyla. “Xyla, would you like to eat anything? I’ll buy it for you right now…” Xyla shook her head. “I don’t feel like eating anything…” “In that case, let me know when you feel like eating. I’ll go out and buy food for you right away,” Sebastian said. Henry Armstrong smiled at Xyla. “Me too… This is worthy of a celebration. Xyla, if you have any difficulty in the future, and Stanley happens not to be around, you can come to me. I’ll help you on his behalf…” Hearing the two of them speak one after another made Xyla feel a sense of warmth spreading in her heart. Henry and Sebastian were indeed Stanley’s best friends. They had always been very kind an

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