Chapter 1499

Soon, Henry Armstrong walked over to Sebastian Brenand’s side, too. He placed the basket of fruits on the nightstand. “Exactly… It really was thoughtless of you…” Henry started complaining as well. Before Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton could speak, Henry and Sebastian turned to smile at Sharon Lidnt, Xyla, and Catherine Batton before greeting each of them individually. Stanley glanced disgustedly at the red carnations next to him. “How did you find out about me?” Stanley asked. “I have my ways…” Sebastian said. “Yeah…” Henry said. “Who told you?” Stanley asked. “I was here to get a medical check-up, and I happened to hear it from the director…” Sebastian said. After saying that, Sebastian rolled his eyes at Stanley. “What’s the matter? If the director didn’t tell me, were you going to hide it from us for the rest of our lives? That’s not nice…” “You talk too much…” Stanley frowned slightly. “We didn’t tell you because we didn’t want you to worry,” Xyla explained. “If something

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