Chapter 1483

After Stanley Batton left, Sharon Lindt once again held Xyla Quest’s hand tightly. “Xyla, no matter how painful it gets, I’ll be with you, alright? You’re not alone,” Sharon said. Xyla nodded repeatedly… No matter how painful it was, Xyla felt unusually secure as long as the Batton family was around. After approximately half an hour later, Stephen Harris came to give Xyla a nutritional drip. Meanwhile, Xyla’s retching also lessened significantly. Sharon stayed in the house for a while before leaving… After she left, the master bedroom became quiet and peaceful once more. Stanley slowly walked back to the bed and sat next to Xyla. While looking at the back of her hand with a needle in it, Stanley felt his heart aching again. Meanwhile, Stephen sat silently next to Stanley and Xyla. He was practically the third wheel. After the nutritional drip was done, Xyla no longer felt nauseous. Hence, she gradually fell asleep peacefully. After seeing that Xyla had fallen asleep, Stanley

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