Chapter 1479

This class reunion made Annabeth Cates realize on a deep level how easily people changed. Annabeth followed Josh Batton to his white Ferrari. She sat in the passenger seat while Josh sat in the driver’s seat. In the car, it was dark and quiet. The light from a nearby street light shone upon Josh’s face, clearly accentuating his distinct jawline in the dark… “Josh… Thank you for everything you did for me today,” Annabeth said earnestly as she looked at Josh’s attractive side profile. “You’re welcome,” Josh said. “Tomorrow, I’ll go to our CEO and suggest that you become my manager…” Josh added. When Annabeth heard this, she felt even more shocked… At first, she thought Josh had only said it to fool everyone. Was he serious? Why was Josh doing this? Was it because they slept together? “If it’s because we slept together, you don’t have to do it…” Annabeth looked at Josh and said earnestly. “I told you not to care about that thing. Besides, you’ve done enough for me since that

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