Chapter 1458

“Hmm, were you looking for me?” Josh Batton leaned lazily against the door and looked at Annabeth Cates. Josh’s good looks took Annabeth’s breath away every single time. Annabeth nodded. “Yeah, I came to tell you tomorrow’s schedule…” Josh turned around and walked inside. “Come in and talk…” Annabeth immediately followed him inside before slowly closing the door. Josh looked tall and fit from behind. Even his hair had a quality of gentleness and nobility… Annabeth felt her heart beating strongly. However, she quickly suppressed her emotions. Josh took the lead, sitting down on the sofa in the living room. Right after that, Annabeth carefully sat next to him and went straight to the point. “Tomorrow morning, you’ll go to Goldfield Plaza at ten o’clock to promote Chanel’s perfume exhibition… “The exhibition lasts for an hour. After that’s done, we’ll have to go to LB Magazine for a cover shoot as well as for a few content pages… “Once the shooting is done, we’ll have to take a

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