Chapter 1445

After a few seconds, Stanley Batton subconsciously smiled. “Really?” At this moment, he was as happy as a child… Stephen Harris nodded. “Yes… She’s already been pregnant for six weeks. I just checked. In fact, she has twins…” Stanley became even happier… He was going to be a father… In fact, he would be a father of two! “What about Xyla? How is she doing now? Why did she pass out? Is that a normal reaction in the first trimester, or is it due to pregnancy hypoglycemia?” Stanley asked worriedly. He was more concerned about Xyla than about the kids. “It is related to pregnancy hypoglycemia, but it’s not very serious. Just make sure she takes sufficient glucose from now on. I’ll prescribe some glucose cubes for you later. Give her a single cube during each meal of the day… “Apart from that, pregnant ladies must have proper nutrition and a fixed dining schedule. For someone like her who has pregnancy hypoglycemia, you must pay extra attention…” Stephen said each word carefully. St

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