Chapter 1443

“Go to the lighting technician and ask him to dim the lights on stage slightly…” Stanley Batton said blandly. The bodyguard nodded politely before quickly walking away. A few ten seconds later, the stage lights dimmed… The marks on Xyla Quest’s neck gradually became less visible in the darkness. Meanwhile, Xyla was completely unaware of all of this. She continued to hold the microphone, answering Stella’s questions. Although Stella was surprised to see the footage, she didn’t say anything about it. She pretended not to have seen anything and continued to interview Xyla… Meanwhile, Noah Smith maintained an affectionate smile on his face… Although Stanley’s rescue measures were on point, what needed to be seen was already seen. Those who needed to take pictures of it had also done it… Approximately one minute later, ‘#Xyla Quest’s love bites#’ instantly claimed the first spot on Weibo’s list of hot topics… Very soon, the word ‘explosive’ appeared at the end of the hot topic.

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