Chapter 1430

But soon, Catherine Batton scolded the five people to the point of senselessness. In the end, all five of them stopped replying. Meanwhile, Catherine let out a long sigh of relief. When she saw the comment section had gone quiet, she rolled her eyes. “You’re all still too soft to go against me. Tsk…” After that, Catherine returned to the topic of Morty Wayne and Jay Corben being a couple. She started going through the comments again. The joy of reading about the couple instantly drowned out all the unhappiness in her heart. No matter how unhappy the things she encountered each day made her feel, Catherine would always find a smile on her face after entering this topic and reading about the sweet moments between Morty and Jay. After entering this topic each time, a seemingly permanent smile would appear on her face. Regardless of what people said outside, Catherine believed that Morty and Jay were indeed a couple. The more she read about them, the more she believed so… After r

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