Chapter 1428

After signing the last autograph and taking one final picture with his fans, Josh Batton slowly walked over to Xyla Quest and the others. After looking around, Josh sat on a single couch nearby. Right then, all women at the party focused their gazes on Josh and Stanley Batton. They seemed completely mesmerized by the siblings, and their gazes were full of fondness. Josh and Stanley ticked all the boxes as a woman’s ideal partner. “Oh my god. Look at the two of them when they’re together. They are such eye-candies…” “The Batton family’s youngest daughter, Xyla Quest, and Sharon Lindt also look very good…” “Every couple in the Batton family looks beautiful. It’s really amazing…” A few noblewomen nearby discussed among themselves softly. Xyla Quest had gotten used to hearing these compliments. Hence, she didn’t feel too affected by these comments. “Josh… Didn’t you say you were going to play the piano and sing? Shall we start now?” Catherine Batton asked. Josh looked affection

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