Chapter 1419

The gentle color tone made her fair skin appear unusually smooth. The tight design of the upper portion and loose design of the lower part perfectly accentuated her curvatures and the leanness of her waist. In the mirror, Xyla almost looked like a fairy. From every angle, her makeup and outfit seemed perfect today. After walking up to a huge jewelry cabinet, Xyla selected a silver, dangling pearl earring and put it on her right ear. On the other side, she put on a simple pearl earring. Right after that, Xyla selected a pair of silver high heels and a silver diamond-studded purse. Xyla shoved her phone into her purse without putting on any other unnecessary accessories and walked out of the closet. Right then, her phone started to ring. When she took her phone out, she saw that Stanley sent her a message. He was informing her that he would head over to the Batton family’s place directly. He asked her to head over with the security car. Xyla replied with an ‘OK’ emoji. After t

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