Chapter 1403

Soon, that netizen replied. “Wasn’t I just telling the truth? Rich people ought to donate more money to look after the poor…” “It’s not wrong for rich people to look after the poor, but that doesn’t mean one can’t buy anything just to look after the poor, does it?” Jenny Armstrong replied. “Hehehe… Rich people can buy stuff, but they should buy something cheaper and contribute the rest of their money to society,” High-class Wretched Man replied. “How much are you contributing to society? Tell me,” Jenny wrote. “Why should I contribute? I’m a poor person. Therefore, I should be the one receiving contributions,” High-class Wretched Man replied. “Sure… Just because you’re poor, that makes you reasonable. Idiot…” Jenny wrote. After that, the two of them started arguing with each other. Neither side was willing to give in. In the end, Jenny typed another reply. “Stop yapping on the internet. If you have the guts, we’ll fight each other in the real world. Let’s see if I can beat you

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