Chapter 1400

Henry Armstrong also smiled. “Why the nicety?” After that, Henry wrapped her arm around Georgie Clementine’s shoulder and led her up the stairs. Jenny Armstrong followed them closely. Tiana Winslet observed every scene clearly by the door. The more she saw, the more her heart ached… While Tiana still needed to scurry around searching for connections to buy a limited-edition Hermes purse, Georgie already got together with a significant shareholder in Hermes… As long as Georgie wanted a Hermes purse, she could get it regardless of the purse’s model. Even if the model didn’t exist in the world, Georgie could still get Hermes’ designers to create it for her as long as she could come up with the ideas. Tiana needed to run around to buy a purse. However, not only did Georgie not have to do that, she could still benefit from a one-to-one service by the brand’s leading designer… While Tiana had to put so much effort into seducing an old, rich man, Georgie was able to enjoy absolute g

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