Chapter 1398

Did Tiana Winslet really look down on Georgie Clementine? That was such a huge joke. When Tiana heard what Jenny Armstrong said, she was instantly stunned. Did Jenny’s brother own a large number of shares in Hermes? Who was her brother? How powerful was he? That man was Georgie’s boyfriend. This was way too terrifying. Tiana had shown off her Hermes purse to the woman whose boyfriend owned shares in Hermes. She even said the purse was expensive… Right then, Tiana wished she could find a hole and bury herself in it. Then, she would never come out again. With a boyfriend of such stature, couldn’t Georgie get any purse she wanted? Never mind a few million dollars; even if a purse cost a few ten million dollars, it would be a piece of cake. Tiana was really starting to think of herself as being ignorant. There was always someone more powerful than her! To be honest, Georgie was also quite surprised to hear this. She had no idea that Henry Armstrong even owned shares in Herme

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