Chapter 1392

Some of these people got into this fandom even earlier than Jenny Armstrong. They were all people who accompanied Blakely Shelton from the time he was not famous until now. Their love for him was real… “Blakely… Blakely’s going to transfer to another school, did you guys know?” “???” “Where is he transferring to? Ahh…” “I only know that he’s transferring, but I’m not sure where to exactly… That’s because the security at his current school isn’t good enough… There are always paparazzi sneaking in… That’s why… He needed to transfer.” “Where did you get the news from? Is it reliable?” “It’s just gossip… But I feel 80% certain that it’s real… After all, the school Blakely is in now really isn’t okay for him…” Jenny quietly read the messages in the group. After that, she slowly locked her phone and looked up at the starry sky. Right then, her father walked out of the house with a solemn expression on his face. He walked over to Jenny, stood next to her, and looked up at the starr

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