Chapter 1390

At this instant, countless memories from when Jenny Armstrong was a child gushed into her mind. Ever since she was a kid, Henry Armstrong had been the one who treated her the best in the family… Although Jenny’s parents also loved her a lot, it still couldn’t compare to how much Henry loved her. In her memories, there were many occasions when her classmates bullied her, and Henry was the one who always showed up and took care of matters for her. Most of the time, Henry was like her father, who protected her against harm. Beep, beep, beep— Right then, Jenny’s phone started ringing. The screen indicated that an idol she paid particular attention to, Blakely Shelton, had published something on Weibo… Jenny immediately tapped on it to have a look… Blakely published a selfie… In the picture, he looked like an extremely clean guy. Blakely didn’t have any makeup on, and his hair was split in a precise three-to-seven ratio. He had a black hairband on as well as a black sports shirt.

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