Chapter 1387

The parents were to blame for spoiling the two of them too much since they were kids… The siblings had been spoiled to an unreasonable extent… “No matter what, you’ll have to apologize to your mother later. Don’t make her sad…” Henry Armstrong’s father said. “Henry, although your mother says awful things, and she’s very extreme when doing certain things, she’s only doing it for your best. She doesn’t want you to be tricked by a bad woman,” Henry’s father enunciated each word carefully. His words conveyed how much he loved his son… “I want to say that Georgie isn’t a bad woman. She’s successful in her career, she’s pretty, and she’s capable. The definition of a con-woman doesn’t fit her at all…” Before Henry could speak, Jenny Armstrong directly interrupted him. “Why are you butting in everywhere? Can you shut up?” Henry’s father became serious. “No… I won’t. Hit me then…” Jenny said. Henry’s father was speechless. Henry tried to hold his laughter in and looked at his father. “J

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