Chapter 1384

Jenny Armstrong shook her head helplessly. “Is there anything wrong with me going against you?” With that, Jenny blinked innocently. “You…” Henry’s mother was so angry that she couldn’t speak. Seeing this, Henry Armstrong winked at Jenny with his right eye and raised his chin slightly. There was a look of approval written on his face… After that, Jenny slowly walked over to Henry’s side and sat on the arm of his couch. After flicking her recently polished pink nails with diamonds on them, Jenny naturally crossed one leg over the other. “You don’t have to be so upset… I overheard what you told Dad… “You called her a b*tch and asked her to get lost. So what if Georgie criticized you? “To be honest, I think what Dad said was right. Georgie had every right to criticize you. “If you don’t like her, you can reason with logic. You didn’t have to say mean things, did you?” Jenny said. After saying that, she naturally leaned her body against Henry. As the youngest girl in the Armstron

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