Chapter 136

Xyla Quest seemed very focused as she continued to examine Stanley Batton’s elbow professionally. Meanwhile, Stanley sat cooperatively, silently allowing her to examine him. The light shining against her face from the outside made her appear even gentler. Despite the large coat that hung over her shoulders, she did not look any less attractive. After repeatedly examining his elbow, Xyla looked up at Stanley. “I don’t think there’s any displacement or crack in your bones. However, just as a precautionary measure, we should get an X-ray for it at the hospital. Sometimes, it’s impossible to tell if there’s a crack in the bones from the outside,” Xyla said. “Okay,” Stanley said. “The cops will be here soon. We’ll go to the hospital after we explain to them what went on here,” Xyla said. “Alright,” Stanley answered. “Thank you for taking the hit for me,” Xyla said softly. When Xyla recalled how Stanley took the bat’s hit without hesitation, she felt a warm sensation spread in her heart. “Do

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