Chapter 1365

Apart from Dragon Group’s capabilities, Stanley Batton could do this because the Batton family had unusually strong connections with the president’s social circle. Stanley affectionately ruffled Xyla Quest’s hair and responded gently, “Silly girl. I told you not to say these things to me…” Stanley said. “Also, you should bring more people with you… We must both be more cautious these days…” Xyla said. If that master couldn’t exact revenge on Xyla, he might do so to the people around her. “Oh, right. There’s my father too… Can your family make arrangements like this… To protect him too?” Xyla had a curious gaze in her eyes. After experiencing two incidents like that, she was terrified… She especially didn’t want to go through what happened last night again. “Don’t worry. It’s been done long ago…” Stanley said. Xyla gently nodded. She felt touched by Stanley’s actions again… This was her good husband. There were many things he’d do before she even asked him to. “Also… Didn’t

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