Chapter 1359

At first, Stanley Batton thought Wilson Batton was calling to reprimand him. He didn’t expect Wilson to say this. Indeed, his wife was literally Wilson’s biological daughter. “Now, Xyla is the most important person. Regardless of how important the company’s affairs are, you can still put them aside for a while. Understood?” Wilson asked. Stanley glanced affectionately at Xyla Quest. After that, he placed a piece of steamed chicken in front of her. “Yeah, I understand.” “Don’t bother going tomorrow. If there’s anything important, get Zack to contact me. You should focus on calming Xyla’s emotions,” Wilson said. “That works too…” Stanley said. To be honest, Stanley didn’t want to go to the office for these few days. However, due to a large amount of work waiting for him, he had to go. Hence, he only allowed himself to take one day off. Now that his father said so, he naturally agreed to it. “But can your body handle that?” Stanley asked. “Don’t worry… I have been very healthy r

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