Chapter 1347

Sharon Lindt nodded. “I’ll stay behind and check on Xyla’s wounds. You guys can leave first… I’ll stay over at Xyla’s tonight…” Ron Batton said. “Alright.” Sharon nodded again. Josh Batton took a step forward and looked at Xyla Quest gently. “Sister-in-law, take good care of yourself. It’s getting late. I shall not keep you awake any longer. I’ll come and visit you another day…” Nobody knew why he wanted to come to see Xyla, but he didn’t want to mention it. Josh wasn’t worthy of bringing it up either. “Okay…” Xyla nodded. Josh looked deeply at Xyla. After that, he took the lead by walking out… Sharon and Wilson Batton quickly followed after him. As Sharon walked out after Josh, she turned to look at Xyla. “Xyla… Please take care of yourself…” Xyla nodded. After that, she left with them… Ron didn’t follow the others. Instead, he let out a long sigh and silently sat on the couch. After sending the others off, Xyla quickly returned to Ron’s side and sat down. “This incident

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