Chapter 1345

When Xyla Quest picked up her phone, she saw that there were three missed calls. She thought that she had perhaps accidentally switched her phone to silent mode earlier. She was too focused on talking with Georgie Clementine that she failed to notice the calls. These three missed calls were all from Sharon Lindt. Moreover, the calls were made an hour ago. Xyla knew that Sharon had also called her because she read the news. Hence, Xyla quickly tapped on the number and returned Sharon’s call… Right then, the sound of a door being opened could be heard. Xyla immediately looked in the direction where the noise came from. She saw Sharon rushing through the door with Ron Batton and Wilson Batton. Right then, Sharon’s phone started ringing. The screen showed that it was Xyla making the call. When Xyla heard the ringtone, she immediately tapped the button to hang up. After that, she quickly walked over to them. As soon as the Batton family saw Xyla, they seemed even more panicked wi

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