Chapter 1340

While everyone watched, Zack Cassidy and a group of men dressed in black got out of the aircraft first. After that, Stanley Batton also got out of the aircraft. Before Xyla Quest could get out on her own, Stanley quickly opened the cabin door for her and princess-carried her out of the cabin. Suddenly, the two of them were the center of attention. Although Stanley was utterly drenched, it didn’t affect his good looks at all. Women were still going mad for him. Meanwhile, Xyla seemed to be in a much more terrible state in his arms. Her body was covered in wounds. Her clothes were also extremely filthy. Her face was covered in dirt. When many people paid attention to Stanley, they would also subconsciously take a few extra glances at Xyla. Everyone was shocked when they saw that Xyla was covered in wounds. As everyone watched, Stanley brought Xyla into the hospital as if nobody else was around. A large group of men in black and Zack continued to follow the two of them with s

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