Chapter 1334

Slowly, Xyla Quest started hearing a buzzing noise in her ears. She knew that this was caused by the explosions earlier. Meanwhile, Xavier York was feeling the same thing next to her. Xavier weakly covered his ears with his hands as he looked at Xyla. “I suddenly started hearing a buzzing noise in my ears… It feels horrible…” “It’s probably from the loud explosions… It’ll be gone later,” Xyla immediately said. After saying that, Xyla stood up and called Stanley Batton on the phone… However, her call wouldn’t go through. She was notified that his phone had been switched off… Vroom… Vroom… The sound of helicopters humming could be heard again. This time, the sounds were noisy and chaotic. It sounded like a large number of helicopters. Xyla’s heart clenched, and she looked up warily at the sky… She could only see helicopters buzzing past repeatedly. But, upon paying closer attention, these sounded like battle aircraft. Right then, one of the aircraft in the air moved closer t

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