Chapter 1317

The second auction item was taken out. The brief interlude had come to an end. Everything got back on track. In the time that followed, several fake items were displayed… In fact, it could be seen from a single glance that these were fake items. Xyla Quest wasn’t interested at all… The others were also not very excited. Toward the end of the auction, the beautiful auctioneer smiled as she started saying, “Next up, I’d like to present to you the fiftieth auction item…” She didn’t say what it was… She even used a cliffhanger to draw attention. Approximately one minute later, three handsome employees in tuxedo suits walked up the stage with a huge display stand. Two pieces of cut original jade rocks were placed on the display stand. The men walked up the stage… Both surfaces of the cut jade rock were full of green jade… From its tone, one could tell that it was high-class glassy imperial green jade. These two surfaces were clearly a single piece of jade material cut into two

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