Chapter 1315

“But… This is my family’s heirloom… It’s been passed down for generations…” The bald man said. He really was going to cry! “I can only say that your ancestors bought a fake antique… But they simply didn’t know it… This fake antique was made to look genuine. Even an expert would find it difficult to see through its flaws… “That’s why your ancestors can’t be blamed either…” Xavier York said. At this moment, Xavier’s admiration toward Xyla Quest increased yet again… Although Xyla was young, she was even better than those who have worked in the antique industry for decades that she identified this jade pendant as a fake. She had a lot going for her! The bald man didn’t say anything. Instead, he kept nodding… “About that, who made a promise earlier? Didn’t he say he’d do something if this were a fake piece?” “Oh, dear. I think he has to do a handstand here or something, doesn’t he? Where is it better to do it? I think he should do it on stage. Isn’t that a good idea?” “Why are you

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