Chapter 1313

“This looks like a genuine antique from the first glance. Young lady, you’ve got it wrong this time…” “Yeah… As an expert in this field, I can tell right away that this is genuine…” “This jade pendant looks exactly like something from the sixteenth century… Stop making nonsense up.” “I don’t know how this person managed to get lucky twice by profiting from bargain antiques… Was it all based on luck?” The people who spoke all looked at Xyla Quest with varying degrees of contempt. Xyla felt extremely annoyed by what she saw and heard. “You guys… Could it be a fake antique? I think Xyla is pretty amazing…” “I suspect that it is fake too…” Soon, other different voices could be heard. Various voices overlapped each other and repeatedly resonated in her eardrums. It was making Xyla’s head buzz. Right then, the bald man felt provoked. He looked at Xavier York. “How about this, Mr. York… You’ll get on stage to verify if this is genuine or fake. It’ll stop those people from saying th

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