Chapter 1309

Xyla Quest was a little surprised by Xavier York’s sudden call today. “Hello, Xyla. You seem to be very interested in antiques… There’s a small-scale antique auction near my place tomorrow. Would you like to come? This kind of auction is different from the high-class ones you went to… There’s a mix of authentic and fake antiques… “However, the feeling of finding gold among sand is exciting. If we can find a treasure, it’ll feel awesome…” Xavier said slowly. When Xyla heard this, she instantly chuckled with interest. “Sure. May I ask what time we’re going?” Xavier’s call came at quite a serendipitous time. Xyla was thinking of going to an auction like this to test out her eyes. In the end, she didn’t need to look for it. Xavier took the initiative to invite her. “At two o’clock tomorrow afternoon, come to Times Antique Store and look for me… I’ll take you there…” Xavier said. “Alright,” Xyla answered without hesitation. After agreeing on the time, Xyla chatted briefly with Xavi

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