Chapter 1307

“Hmm… Yes… I’m going to practice later,” Morty Wayne said. “I’ll help you…” Jay Corben said. “Did you come to me just for this?” Morty asked. For some unknown reason, Morty felt a little disappointed. What was he hoping for? Jay seemingly smiled as he looked at Morty. There was a playful look in Jay’s eyes. “What did you hope I would come to you for?” The look in Jay’s eyes made Morty very nervous. “What did I hope? I wasn’t hoping for anything…” “Oh.” Jay smiled a little. Right then, Jay’s phone also started ringing. The person who called was his teammate, Ron Lambert. Jay immediately picked up the call— “What is it? Did something happen?” Jay asked. “Don’t we have a performance tomorrow? I’ve got a set of moves that I can’t seem to get right… Can you come and help me? I’m in our company’s practice room…” Ron said. Jay frowned slightly. “Ask someone else… I’m not free…” Jay said. “But other people aren’t free either,” Ron said. “In that case, look at the television and

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