Chapter 1300

The same content appeared on everyone’s phone— “Epic! X Entertainment successfully signed on many potential directors, filmmakers, producers, production supervisors, and editors!” Suddenly, the crowd began to discuss among themselves… Xyla Quest, Georgie Clementine, and the high-level executives had always kept a low profile regarding this matter. Hence, apart from the management staff, everyone else knew nothing about it. Now, when everyone found out about this, they were all dumbfounded… “D*mn… What’s going on?” “Our company has suddenly signed on a production team. Are they planning to produce television shows independently?” “Does that mean we’re all going to get an abundance of resources? Ahh… I’m so excited.” Many small-time celebrities began talking excitedly with each other. Compared to the small-time celebrities, the A-listers like Josh Batton appeared much calmer. After glancing at her phone, Xyla returned on stage and picked up the microphone. “Yeah… This is also

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